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The Portola Group, founded in 1979, manages assets for more than 100 high-net-worth accounts. Accounts are individually managed in order to meet specific client return and risk objectives.

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An asset allocation model is employed at the Portola Group. Based on the outlook for the economy and for each investment sector, the most desirable asset mix is selected from the following: cash equivalents, bonds, domestic stocks, international stocks, gold, and real estate. The allocation might shift significantly over a period of years. Once the asset allocation is determined, the strategy is to maximize returns for appropriate levels of risk within each sector.

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Equity management styles are as cyclical as the markets themselves; therefore, growth stocks, value stocks, small capitalization stocks, large capitalization stocks, and international stocks may be held. Gold mining and real estate stocks may be purchased depending on market conditions. Equity investments are made within the context of specific industry and company themes that appear to be sustainable for several years.

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  • Periodic discussion of investment themes identifies roughly one dozen attractive industry groups.
  • A "watch list" of approximately 100 stocks is selected from those groups, and fundamental and technical profiles are selected for those stocks.
  • Client accounts are structured using a "buy list" of approximately 100 stocks.
  • Portfolios are diversified into more than 30 equity positions representing numerous industry groups and company sizes.

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Fixed-income investments are used to generate income where client circumstances dictate and to profit from interest rate declines. Safety of principal is of utmost importance. The firm believes that it is inappropriate to take significant credit risk in the fixed income area.

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  • Interest rate forecasts are developed.
  • A "buy list" of U.S. Treasury and high-quality municipal bonds is selected.
  • Portfolios typically have short- to intermediate-term average maturities.
  • Debt equivalents, such as shares of utility stocks, may be used as opportunities dictate.

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