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The Portola Group provides highly personalized investment management and financial advisory services for individuals and families. We are dedicated to achieving financial peace-of-mind for our clients.

Our clients are people with substantial assets—people ready to seek counsel in setting and achieving financial objectives for themselves and their families. Their horizons extend beyond the short-term, and we build lasting relationships with them.

We believe wealth can be intelligently managed to meet our clients' objectives, and we thus select investments that we expect to perform with consistency over time. We remove the burden of administrative responsibilities from our clients, and we work with other advisors—attorneys, accountants, brokers, and bankers—to promote coherence among our clients' diverse interests.

Last, we value open communications. We create a relationship with our clients that fosters frequent exchange, enables us to listen closely, and allows us to respond quickly.

 "At the Portola Group, we begin by listening."

The management of financial assets is both an art and a science. It is an art because it relies on judgement, intuition, and a highly individualized approach to setting and reaching client objectives. It is a science as well, because it demands a disciplined, orderly approach to decision-making and administration.

At the Portola Group, we begin by listening. Our clients communicate priorities and define their own financial peace of mind. Our goal is to understand their needs for the present and the future. When appropriate, we work with clients' families and their other advisors. Together, we ensure that objectives are set and decisions are made with a clear understanding of an overall financial picture. With that understanding in place, we can serve as a resource for our clients, providing answers to almost any personal financial question that may arise.

We bring the counsel and experience of seasoned professional advisers to the management of investments. We protect our independence, so that our counsel to clients is founded solely on what we feel is best for them.

We build portfolios designed to meet client priorities using a rigorous forward-looking process. We believe in research and in independent, fact-based examination of all the options.

Our experience indicates that superior and consistent returns are best achieved over the long-term by diversifying investments among multiple asset categories with different risk and return characteristics. For most clients, the categories range from U.S. equities, U.S. bonds, and international securities to cash, gold, and real estate.

We allocate client funds after projecting prospective returns based on economic forecasts. Within each category, we select investments with great care and evaluate whether they are appropriate for the client in question. We select investments that are likely to perform well compared with other, similar, investments and to contribute to a balanced aggregate portfolio return.

From time to time, client circumstances dictate a somewhat different approach, typically justifying either a narrower or all-equity focus. In these situations, we tailor a portfolio to meet specific needs, diversifying risk as appropriate.

With the blessings of substantial assets come burdens as well. Many clients find that record keeping, administration, and management consume entirely too much of their time. The Portola Group works to remove those burdens, answering information requests and coordinating administration with other professionals, such as attorneys, accountants, brokers, and bankers.

Though we want to remove as much of the paperwork burden as we can, we are still committed to open communication and frequent exchanges of information with our clients. Our formal communications include regularly scheduled performance reports and reviews of objectives. Informally, we keep in contact by telephone or we meet in person, as client needs and preferences dictate. We welcome the support and counsel of our clients' other advisers, and we keep those communication channels open as well.

All our relationships begin with a conversation that enables both parties to determine whether there is an opportunity to work together. We look forward to meeting prospective clients to discuss our approach and our philosophy.

To begin a relationship, please see our Contact Us page and call a local office near you. We look forward to talking with you.

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